Pontoons assure a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create a working platform on water. They are designed to be carried on any standard truck and on any commercial ship. They are skidded or lowered by crane into the water as a single unit. Once in the water they can easily be connected to form the type of platform required.

Couple pontoons are used for marine transportation, civil engineering and water-to-shore access equipment. By using a range of auxiliary equipment such as bollards, fenders, spud legs etc., the flexibility of the Pontoons can be further enhanced.

The Pontoons are available in the following types:

  • Standard RoRo pontoons (20m x 10m x 3m)
  • Standard Container pontoons (6,0m x 2,4m x 1,6m)
  • Standard Uniflote pontoons (5,3m x 2,4m x 1,3m)
  • Standard Plate pontoons (4,2m x 2,1m x 0,75m)


  • Ports
  • Waterworks
  • Special events